Johnson-Arrowood has partnered with OriginLyfe who has a genealogy tool with a modern twist to the 21st century. LyfePaths allows a family to place a scannable code on a monument to tell the story of a loved one’s life. Our exclusive QR code will sync to a loved one’s LyfePage allowing you to learn who this person is. You will see who this person was, see where they are buried, watch videos, and read community posts about this person. Our goal is for you to be able to walk the pathway this person had walked through their LyfePage.

LyfePaths are only $49.99 per code!

  • Weather Proof
  • Strong, durable material
  • Completely tailored to your loved one’s life
  • 3-year guaranteed warranty

Scan the QR to open the pathway to a loved one’s life.

***All orders will require information about the loved one.***

LyfePaths come in 3 differnt colors; White, Silver, or Bronze. A self adheisive comes on the back of each LyfePath. Once peeling the paper off the self adheisive, LyfePaths will be able to be installed on any surface!