Why Should I Pre-Plan?

How would you like to be remembered? Does your loved ones know how you would want to be remembered? We are here to help you ever step of the way. First, we will provide some knowledge about pre-planning. There are two types of ways to pre-planned arrangements:

  1. Pre-Planned Funeral Arrangements – Planning your final wishes without funding the cost of the funeral
  2. Pre-Funded Funeral Arrangements – Planning your final wishes and guaranteed the prices of the funeral at today’s cost

Pre-planning your arrangements will allow you to make the decisions in advance so you family will not have to worry about them. The biggest thing is, how will your family pay for the funeral? Did you know that the average funeral cost increases at least 3%? The reason why there is an annual increase is from the companies we work with (caskets, vaults, crematories, cemeteries, etc.) go up 3% each year. For example, the average funeral is $8,000. 15 years from now, (2034) could be roughly between $11,000 – 12,000. Most people do not want to think about pre-planning their funeral, but if you knew after you passed on your loved ones could be put in a financial bind, would you want to make preparations for them? In our experience, we have seen families who have not pre-arranged or even communicated with one another.

When death occurs, these families have incurred financial hardship or family feuds. In our opinion, a family feud is the most heart-breaking. At the end of the day, just having a simple will and planned arrangements can secure a families love after you pass on. The second heart-breaking moment is when a family is struggling to come up with the funds to pay for the funeral cost. We are here to tell you that here at Johnson-Arrowood, we have all plans that are affordable for all families, not matter their financial status. Here are a few facts listed about why you should consider a pre-funded funeral plan:

  • Removes decision-making burden from your family. You can make your choice well in advance of need.
  • Make sure services and merchandise you choose now WILL BE GUARANTEED, no matter what the cost is in the future.
  • All GROWTH earned in the plan ADDS TO THE FINAL BENEFIT, with excess refunded to your family. (We have even given a family a refund check on the day of making arrangements if the funeral is pre-planned.)
  • A variety of payment plans are available to meet your needs
  • The plan is TRANSFERABLE if the insured moves from the area. When transferred, the receiving funeral home determines status of the price guarantee.
    (If you have already pre-arranged at another funeral home and would like to transfer them to us, please ask the funeral director how to transfer them.)
  • Plans can provide FIRST DAY COVERAGE (two or three health questions), or be GUARANTEED ISSUE (no health questions) depending on the individual’s health
  • The Plan may be made IRREVOCABLE to preserve the ability to obtain any government assistance in the future
  • Plan is INSURED through a national insurance company. The consumer enjoys risk protection during payment period
  • ACCIDENTAL DEATH BENEFIT included for Guaranteed-Issue multi-year contracts
  • TRANSPORTATION BENEFIT (additional $500) if death occurs 250 or more miles away from principal residence, and basic plan exceeds $2,000
  • SUPPLEMENTAL TRANSPORTATION BENEFIT (additional $500) for a nominal premium at the time of application, if death occurs 250 or more miles away from principal residence
  • GRANDCHILD PROTECTION plan ($2,500 benefit) for a nominal premium at the time of application

We hear so many comments like, “We ment to do that, but we just never got around to it.” or “I wish we could have taken care of this before”. If you give us a call today or fill out the information below, within just 15 minutes you can have the way you want to be remember in stone and knowing your family will not have to worry about the decisions or financial responsibility of your funeral cost.

For more information about pre-planning, please fill out the information on the right hand side and our pre-arrangement consoler will reach out to you.

Additional ways to get information about pre-planning:

  • Call us at 423-357-4113
  • E-Mail us at info@johnsonarrowood.com